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Do you need speed?

Most of the company managers will admit that a good management system is a key factor for business expansion and efficiency. But one main obstacle for back office system adoption is that in many cases it disrupts current working flow, make people feel their time is not optimized

Our business solution runs on Drupal 8



Our back-office management solution is now running on version Drupal 8.2.3. The live demo is updated with the latest version.

It has been a long run since the project was initiated while Drupal 8 was still under alpha stage. And there is still plenty of work to do.

One objective is to make a full distribution package including most of the current functionalities available in the demo version. Our main issue with this target is the lack of resources and time. Thus if any of Drupalists are enthusiastic about business process solutions and would like to contribute, they are welcome.

Drupal 8: back office - modules solution

Sometime in April 2014, we started an ambitious project to "translate" into Drupal 8 modules an in-house developed back-office management solution.

This back-office system, EK, was initiated in 2006 for internal needs. It was developed in PHP with mysql data storage. The initial idea was to have a tool that could help a new company to run its business as efficiently as possible with few constraints that are always critical in a good organization: central and unique data references (share unique information across offices); simple to use with minimum training or learning curve (no resource for that!); flexible and cost effective; access control and security.