Case study - Franchise


Case study : franchise

You are a franchisor with several franchisee and need to monitor their business flow.

As a franchisor in  many occurrence, you have to track your franchisee work flow, sales values, network internal purchases or simply procedures and reporting. And you want all franchisees to follow the same standard.

With EK back office you can implement a multi company structure where each franchisee will have a company account. Each company can then be monitored for business data.

  • sales, purchases reports

  • shared documentation

  • video conferencing

  • internal transactions

  • and much more...


EK is an End to End Business Management Tools for small businesses and above.

Sales cycle • Finance & Accounting • HR & Payroll  • Stocks Management & Logistics • Projects & Collaboration tools

Know your figures

Increase Efficiency

Ensure Business continuity

Add value with data