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This solution is built on Drupal make is perfect for small enterprises and start-up. With EK management you can organize your work and focus on your business development. You can try it with the online demo and check online documentation. Contact us for our cloud solution.

Case study - Investor


Case study : investor

You are an investor in startups and you need to know how your funds are used by the startups you have invested in.

In many cases, the entrepreneur will focus on product or service development and sales in early stages. Many startups fail because of the lack of interest or focus on the back office and how money is spend.

With a proper back-office solution and setup, you can easily overcome this trap.

With EK back office you can request your investee to implement a simple solution that will help you to monitor and follow-up on your investment.

  • standard reporting across investments;

  • track expenses per project, clients, suppliers or employees

  • share information with managers

  • manage cash

  • and much more...


EK is an End to End Business Management Tools for small businesses and above.

Sales cycle • Finance & Accounting • HR & Payroll  • Stocks Management & Logistics • Projects & Collaboration tools

Know your figures

Increase Efficiency

Ensure Business continuity

Add value with data

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