Case study - Multi offices


Case study : multi offices

You are a small group of companies with multiple office and remote collaboration needs.

It is very difficult to control data when collaborators are located in different office and not physically present in the same office. You need to share information and transact between office or companies in a centralised configuration.

With a proper back-office solution and setup, you can easily overcome those issues

With EK back office you  have plenty of tools to collaborate, share, centralise information, follow-up remotely on work and projects. EK allows to create as many companies or office account as you need:

  • track expenses by offices, employees projects, clients or suppliers globally

  • do internal invoicing or cash transfer between offices

  • share information, documents, data securely on the cloud

  • integrated video conferencing

  • and much more...


EK is an End to End Business Management Tools for small businesses and above.

Sales cycle • Finance & Accounting • HR & Payroll  • Stocks Management & Logistics • Projects & Collaboration tools

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