Case study - Start-up


Case study : start-up

It is normal that start-up managers focus mainly on product or service development and sales in early stages. But many startups fail because of the lack of interest or focus on the back office organisation and as the company eventually grows, that figures are all messed-up

With a proper back-office solution and setup at early stage, you can ensure that your data and financial figures are up-to-date, that you are not overspending that you keep track of your revenue.

With EK back office you can have simple sales and financial reporting, collaborate and keep important data safe:

  • centralise important data;

  • ensure business continuity with backups and collaboration tools

  • track expenses per project, clients, suppliers or employees

  • HR management

  • cash spending management

  • and much more...


EK is an End to End Business Management Tools for small businesses and above.

Sales cycle • Finance & Accounting • HR & Payroll  • Stocks Management & Logistics • Projects & Collaboration tools

Know your figures

Increase Efficiency

Ensure Business continuity

Add value with data