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Drupal: swiftmailer is abandoned, use symfony mailer (part 1) Arrea Systems
The popular swiftmailer module to send HTML email with Drupal is no longer maintained. It will be replaced by Symfony Mailer module. In this part 1article, we take a first view at the module and will try to implement a custom integration in part 2.



Cryptocurrencies payment


Cryptocurrencies have develop a lot in recent months. Specifically in the decentralized finance solutions.

This new module for EK management is an integration of payment gateway Utrust.

When using Utrust and this module you can request your client to pay your invoices with a cryptocurrency wallet and receive fiat currency.

Technique to format html email (simplenews + swiftmailer + css)


If you use swiftmailer + simplenews, you may want to send html email with custom css.

To achieve that,you have to customise 2 twig templates.

The first template is the default template that is provided by swiftmailer: simplenews-newsletter-body.html.twig.

You can use this template to build your own email body with content you like to use. For example, in the template below, an hero image is inserted using table layout.