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Case study - Multi offices

Case study : multi offices

You are a small group of companies with multiple office and remote collaboration needs.

It is very difficult to control data when collaborators are located in different office and not physically present in the same office. You need to share information and transact between office or companies in a centralised configuration.

With a proper back-office solution and setup, you can easily overcome those issues

With EK back office you  have plenty of tools to collaborate, share, centralise information, follow-up remotely on work and projects. EK allows to create as many companies or office account as you need:

  • track expenses by offices, employees projects, clients or suppliers globally

  • do internal invoicing or cash transfer between offices

  • share information, documents, data securely on the cloud

  • integrated video conferencing

  • and much more...

Case study - Start-up

Case study : start-up

It is normal that start-up managers focus mainly on product or service development and sales in early stages. But many startups fail because of the lack of interest or focus on the back office organisation and as the company eventually grows, that figures are all messed-up

With a proper back-office solution and setup at early stage, you can ensure that your data and financial figures are up-to-date, that you are not overspending that you keep track of your revenue.

With EK back office you can have simple sales and financial reporting, collaborate and keep important data safe:

  • centralise important data;

  • ensure business continuity with backups and collaboration tools

  • track expenses per project, clients, suppliers or employees

  • HR management

  • cash spending management

  • and much more...

Case study - Franchise

Case study : franchise

You are a franchisor with several franchisee and need to monitor their business flow.

As a franchisor in  many occurrence, you have to track your franchisee work flow, sales values, network internal purchases or simply procedures and reporting. And you want all franchisees to follow the same standard.

With EK back office you can implement a multi company structure where each franchisee will have a company account. Each company can then be monitored for business data.

  • sales, purchases reports

  • shared documentation

  • video conferencing

  • internal transactions

  • and much more...


EK is an End to End Business Management Tools for small businesses and above.

Queue email


When sending email from your application, using queuing process can reduce the application response time and increase speed.

By sending the message to queue instead of sending directly at the end of server response, you may achieve better user experience. Once messages are in queue, you just need a scheduled cron task to initiate scheduled email sending.

How ?

Queuing is simple in Drupal 8

Let's imagine you have a module that currently send an email using mail plugin to multiple users:

foreach (User::loadMultiple($users) as $account) {


To direct message to queue instead, you can replace with queue service:

Coil - new release

Web monetization service is a browser API which allow creation of (micro) payments between the reader (user agent) and the content provider (website).

This is one way of getting paid for valuable content.

Today Coil is providing web monetization service using Interledger protocol (ILP).

We have built a simple module to integrate coil monetization with Drupal website.


We are proposing a new beta version with enhanced possibilities to monetized your content:

  • New fields are added to "Articles" and "Basic page" for monetization;
  • Content type can be restricted to coil subscribers;
  • Subscription alert can be customized (text and color).


The following video will give you a preview of the new options available: